Monday, September 12, 2011

Sales Director

Sales Director
Job ID: 66

Job Details:

Minimum required years of total IT experience: 15

Min required years experience in same position: 4

Roles and Responsibilities:

* Devising and deploying all sales objectives and goals across the company, including sales targets and budgets preparation

* Developing and implementing quarterly and annual sales programs, plans, and policies for every sales managers

* Integrating and aligning sales plans with available processes, IT systems, talent and other areas in order to increase the capability and success of sales force

* Managing the performance and activities of the entire sales units, including account managers, sector managers, and staff

* Creating training and development programs for sales managers

* Giving final authorization on all sales appoint decisions

* Conducting analysis in order to manage performance levels of sales against market developments and corporate objectives

* Developing and implementing reseller agreements, distribution strategies, and other sales opportunities

* Planning and executing business show appearances

* Creating product segmentation strategies wherever needed to maximize trade opportunities across different sales channels

* Maximizing work relationships with key partners

* Developing, managing, and nurturing new business partnerships and accounts to accomplish volume and profit goals

* Communicating brand identity internally to pertinent key business collaborates, business units, and the customer support

* Meeting with operational and sourcing departments to streamline business procedures and increase efficiency

* Exploring and growing the client account list, dealing incoming leads and ending sales

* Seeking out and directing new customers and sales opportunities, initiating action plan to advance and procure new business for the company

* Updating the organization on changing online marketing trends so that the organization can prepare and regulate plans accordingly

* Meeting with operational and sourcing departments to streamline business procedures and increase efficiency

Qualifications and Educational Requirements

* 15- 25 Years of related experience with at least 4 years in a similar position in an IT system integrator company

* Proven record in increasing organization's revenue and sales

* Bachelor’s degree in communication engineering with a post graduate study in business administration or sale and marketing related field

* Good knowledge in economics, business law, finance, mathematics, management, statistics, etc.

Skills and Specifications

* Proven ability to interact effectively with Senior Executives

* Develop sales strategies, tactics and techniques based on the feedback of the customer and market environment

* Focus selling message on needs of customer

* Able to manage effectively a cross-functional team

* Experience in developing sales strategies and performance metrics

* Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

* Leadership ability, entrepreneurial attitude and a good team player

* Strong training and presentation skills

* Excellent negotiation and sales skills

* Able to work under pressure and close deadlines


Region: _Cairo